ENDI-HAFT writing paper made of grass in the format SRA3 320x450 mm 10 – Endisch-Etiketten

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ENDI-HAFT writing paper made of grass in the format SRA3 320x450 mm 100 sheets, grammage 90 g / m²


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  • weight 0.8 kg

  • adhesive without

  • brand Endi imprisonment

  • Coating Painted on both sides

  • Contents of the label / pack 100

  • Sheet / pack 100

  • format SRA3

  • Format width 320

  • Format length 450
  • EAN: 4042318052841
    SKU: GP320450-100


    • Printing property Note: Make sure that your (laser) printer or printer driver is set to the correct paper thickness (cardboard or heavy material) so that the color is fixed correctly.
    • Print suitability: Suitable for lasers, color lasers and copiers. Not for inkjet printers.

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resource-saving ✓ vegan ✓ reduced use of chemicals ✓ different sizes ✓ ISEGA certified ✓ see for yourself ➤ order now 🛒


sustainable packaging ✓ recyclable & compostable ✓


near natural character ✓ natural Design ✓ natural feel ✓

ENDI-HAFT writing paper made of grass in the format SRA3 320x450 mm 100 sheets, grammage 90 g / m²



  • Difference between removable / permanent adhesives?

    - Permanent adhesive glue

    It must not be possible to remove labels without leaving any residue at an agreed adhesive strength level.

    - Removable adhesive

    Labels with this adhesive must form an immovable and permanent connection with the substrate, but they must be removable from the substrate within a period of 2 years without leaving any residues and without destroying the substrate. However, the substrate must be sufficiently suitable for this adhesive.

  • Where can I find the setup data for label printing?

    For every ENDISCH-ETIKETTEN product, we have stored a PDF which contains information on where the labels are on the sheet and how far apart they are.

  • How do I print labels?

    Our labels are suitable for most laser printers and copier systems. Please find out from the respective manufacturer whether your device is suitable for printing labels and do tests before using labels on a large scale.

  • Do you also offer individually printed labels?

    Yes, we are happy to reprint your labels in real colors using offset printing
    HKS or Pantone. here Make contact.

  • Do you also offer other sizes or materials?

    Yes. For a larger selection, you are welcome to visit us in our Endisch label shop, here click.