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FAQ - gras paper

  • Difference between our adhesives removable / permanent
    • Permanent adhesive
      • It must not be possible to remove labels without leaving any residue at an agreed adhesive strength level.

    • Removable adhesive
      • Labels with this adhesive must form an immovable and permanent connection with the substrate, but they must be removable from the substrate within a period of 2 years without leaving any residues and without destroying the substrate. However, the substrate must be sufficiently suitable for this adhesive.

  • Where can I find the setup data for label printing?

    • For each ENDISCH-ETIKETTEN product, we have stored a PDF that contains information on where the labels are on the sheet and how far apart they are.

  • How do I print labels?
    • Our labels are suitable for most laser printers and copier systems. Please find out from the respective manufacturer whether your device is suitable for printing labels and do tests before using labels on a large scale.


  • Can I print an article for laser printers with an inkjet printer?

    • Articles that have been specially developed for use on laser printers have a special coating that is suitable for high temperatures. An inkjet printer does not develop the temperatures of a laser printer, which can lead to the inkjet inks not being properly absorbed. The print result can therefore not correspond to the desired quality. We therefore recommend always printing items with the appropriate printer for which they are advertised in order to avoid loss of quality. If a product is suitable for all four types of printing, the choice of printer is entirely up to you.

  • Do you have software especially for printing the Endisch labels?
    • No, there are many and different label printing software on the market, but most of our labels are compatible with well-known manufacturers and there are templates for this. Most writing programs now have wizards for setting up label printing and our PDF templates can be used for this.


  • The toner does not stick to the labels. What to do?
    • For labels and thick paper you should always use the single sheet feeder with laser printers and set the printer driver settings to labels, cardboard, thick materials or similar. In this way, the sheet is fed through the device more slowly and the toner is better fixed.


  • How and where do I request samples?
    • On the menu bar (above) click on "Contact". Write us an email or just give us a call. here Request a sample 


  • What does FSC certified mean?
    • The company Endisch was awarded the FSC® seal for the areas of adhesive material and labels. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international certification system for forest management. Ten globally applicable principles guarantee that wood and paper products with the FSC® seal come from responsibly managed forests. The FSC® standard stipulates that all of the ecological functions of the forest must be preserved in the management of the forest. In addition, it protects flora and fauna within the managed areas and safeguards the rights of any indigenous people and employees. here more on this. 


  • Do you also offer individually printed labels?
    • Yes, we are happy to print your labels using offset printing in real colors according to HKS or Pantone. Contact us! here make contact 


  • What to do if our labels warp
    • This can happen, mostly with our recycling labels or our grass paper labels, as these are a natural product. It is possible that natural paper begins to bulge in one direction or the other due to differences in temperature and humidity. This is also called "plates". In order to temporarily counteract this tension, the labels are taken out of the pack and rolled in the other direction so that they can be fed into the printer. Pressing / weighting down is of course the other alternative.

  • I have a question that is not listed here

    • Then contact us, our team will be happy to help you. here Make contact.