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amazing raw material gras

Grass is a renewable raw material that occurs in large quantities all over the world and grows back quickly. It is precisely these two properties that make it so attractive for the production of eco-friendly products. Our grass paper labels consist of 50 percent sun-dried grass and 50 percent FSC®-certified pulp. This significantly minimizes the consumption of fresh fibers and thus the deforestation of the environment

From the field to the packaging

The grass itself is responsibly sourced from local fields, which serve as so-called compensation areas and are therefore mostly unsuitable for food and feed production. The grass fields from our suppliers can be harvested several times a year and are generally located near the paper mill. This ensures: that CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 50 percent because of shortened transport routes. This creates labels that are more environmentally friendly and ecologically less harmful than conventional paper labels.

Organic look and feel

Due to their appearance and unique feel, grass paper labels are ideally suited for use on food, health products, cosmetics, and beverages – especially from the organic sector. The green-brown color and the rough, uneven surface of the paper arouse in many customers associations with nature, bio, environment, and sustainability. The material is ISEGA certified and can also be applied directly on food items. The packaging itself is biodegradable. Using grass paper labels on environmentally friendly products strengthens the credibility of the manufacturers for their responsible treatment of the environment.