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environmental friendly gifts

Three tips for an environmentally conscious Christmas

We look back on a year in which a lot was different from what we knew before. And yet we are looking forward to Christmas.

We aswell will organize the festival in a slightly smaller circle than usual - But we won't let that little bit of consistency be taken away from us.

Giving is fun

The beloved under the Christmas tree Surprising with one or the other little thing is fun and ultimately it is one too appreciative gesture. Many pay attention not only to the content, but also to the beauty of the packaging.

If you think a step further at this point, you have to admit that that packing material doesn't get much attention after unpacking. 

In short: the wrapping paper ends up in masses in the trash.

We care about nature

At Endisch corporation, we pursue a sustainability concept with our products, which we want to carry out into the world on a regular basis. Today we reveal to you three tips for an environmentally conscious Christmas - for the sake of the environment!

Tips for an environmentally conscious Christmas

1. Use grass labels


To ensure that the gifts reach the right recipient, they are often marked with labels on the packaging. Even homemade items, such as jam in a jar or cookies in a tin, can be wonderfully labeled with labels. 

At this point we would like to offer you an environmentally friendly label variant:

At Endisch you get uniquely beautiful grass labels made out of environmentally friendly material.


View grass labels


2. Get creative: maybe a scarf for packaging?

Neckerchiefs or scarves are available in at least as many patterns and colors as wrapping paper.

If you use this Pieces of fabric as gift packaging, you not only score points in your own eco-balance! They bring one too long-term benefits for the recipient and disguise themselves as part of the gift.

We at Endisch would also like to offer and recommend you our Grass paper  It can be used wonderfully as wrapping paper - with a few green fir branches as decoration a real environmentally friendly eye-catcher.

View grass paper


3. Keep track of things

Everywhere it glitters and shines in the shop windows, gift ideas are given to us on the Internet and we buy, buy, buy.

Instead of material gifts, it has become established in recent years, giving away time together. Sure, Corona limits our activities a bit here, but jointly Cooking evenings or hikes are still possible and a very personal gift.

Or maybe you are a little one Hobby handicraftsman and like to sew, tinker and knit anyway. Then you can use the self-made scarf as packaging and as a gift at the same time!

“Ideal and thank you!” The environment calls out to you.

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