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More than recycling

Because images of polluted oceans filled with drifting plastic bags bags are circulated around the world, the world politicians react: Plastic bags are already banned in many European countries; unnecessary plastic waste such as disposable cutlery and drinking straws will soon no longer be found on supermarket shelves. Waste avoidance plays an increasingly important role: A study by the European Commission in 2013 shows that 77 percent of all European consumers are prepared to pay more for a certified environmentally friendly product – and the trend is on the rise.

Grass paper labels: Your contribution to waste avoidance

We take our responsibility for waste avoidance seriously. We sell mainly adhesive materials and labels that primarily consist of recycled paper. With this recycled paper, natural resources are conserved (no deforestation of forests) and CO2 emissions are minimized (low transport distances). Our products are, fully recyclable – even with other packaging papers. However, it is difficult to produce recycled paper exclusively green. The reason: unfortunately, chemicals and a lot of water is needed to separate the dyes from the paper fibers. Therefore we are motivated to go one step further with our grass paper labels: All products from our grass paper label range are naturally biodegradable, compostable, and bio-based. Biodegradable means that the material can be easily decomposed into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass or, without oxygen, into methane (+carbon dioxide and biomass) using microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria and oxygen Compostable means that at least 90 percent of the material in an industrial composting plant can be decomposed into water, carbon dioxide, and minerals within six months. Compostable packaging is already mandatory in some business segments. Biobased means that a product is manufactured from entirely or partially renewable raw materials. This not only protects the increasingly scarce non renewable energy resources but also avoids environmental pollution caused by the extraction of fossil fuels. Biodegradable, compostable, and bio-based: These are the best possible seals of quality for your sustainable packaging and a green, durable, and waste free environment.