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green progress in the Endisch facilities

We are constantly working to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. That is why we keep checking our internal processes and looking for new ways to make a personal contribution to you to deal responsibly with nature and people.

In the last few months we have therefore taken new, big steps towards climate friendliness:

We are now relying on new, plastic-free packaging!

As a company, we want to take action against excessive plastic consumption!

What does that mean? We have not bought any more film packaging since January 2020 and are gradually using up our inventory. With immediate effect, we are also dispensing with the sealing of our labels.

So far we have also used bubble wrap to transport our labels. We are now replacing these with paper cushions. We have one for that Paper cushioning machine acquired. It shreds old cardboard, making it the perfect, environmentally friendly upholstery material. It does not produce any dust, so you clean and at the same time environmentally friendly packaged products received from us.


If you still find foils or air cushions in our packages, this is reused packaging from suppliers. This in turn saves valuable resources.

We thank you for your understanding and your support!

Stay healthy!