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Grass labels

The original

Sustainable in production & optics

Grass paper stands for a special demand for sustainability. The grass labels harmonize above all with products whose ecological properties can be emphasized by a natural appearance.

A big plus for your ecological balance

Our grass paper labels are Compostable, recyclable and approved for direct food contact according to ISEGA, environmentally friendly and resource-saving in production.

Versatile - in trade or in private

Whether for commercial or private use, whether in round, oval, square or as a seal - the ENDI-HAFT grass labels offer you a wide range of options to mark your individual treasures.

🌱 Sustainably made in Germany

You can find the following collections in our grass label shop.

Environmentally friendly

Grass paper labels

Grass paper ensures a unique, natural look and a pleasant feel. The natural coloring and the rough, uneven surface of the paper are unique. So you can be responsible with the environment and sustainable brand values communicate with the label at first glance. 

Thats what our customers say

“With Mr. Endisch we have found an experienced partner for our labels. He turned a digital design into a professional label that catches the attention as we wanted it to. We did without design details in order to let the grass paper do the talking, which gave us the tangible sustainability touch that we had hoped for for our labels. "

- Patrick Glashauser "The Herb Bar"

“I was looking for a label that represented our nature-loving approach to winemaking. The structure of the grass paper has been perfectly combined with the simple design of our labels and has given it more depth. I also really enjoyed the friendly and helpful contact with Endisch. "

- Andreas Roppel "pars pro toto"